Group A: England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo

Group B: Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, Luxembourg

Group C: Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Belarus

Group D: Switzerland, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Georgia, Gibraltar

Group E: Croatia, Wales, Slovakia, Hungary, Azerbaijan

Group F: Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Faroe Islands, Malta

Group G: Poland, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, Macedonia, Latvia

Group H: France, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, Andorra

Group I: Belgium, Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, San Marino

Group J: Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia, Liechtenstein

🤪 complicated  

Who makes the play-off is based on performance in the Nations League, rather than in actual Euro 2020 qualifying.

As it stands, 16 teams have already won a place in the play-off stage.

They are the winners of each Nations League group:

Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, England, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus.

But if they go through automatically?...

If one of those 16 teams already in the play-offs wins an automatic spot for Euro 2020, their play-off place will of course have to go to somebody else.

It will be taken up will be taken by the next best-ranked team in their Nations League tier.

So for example - if England qualify, their play-off spot could end up with Iceland - assuming they have failed to also qualify.

Effectively this means that there will be a place for a team from each tier of the Nations League:

From the bottom tier, one of Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Belarus will definitely be at the finals.

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Scotland still wont be able to manage it.
Fuck all that. Let me know when there's a big shiny cup given out after the match and I'll tune in.
Relatively tough group. Excuse my ignorance but when did Kosovo have a football team. 

Last year I think.

I’m not even sure they are fully recognised as a independent country yet.

Hero wrote:

Last year I think.

I’m not even sure they are fully recognised as a independent country yet.

‍They are by everyone except Serbia I think.

Presume there will be no issues between Montenegro and Kosovo. Says Montenegro recognises Kosovo as a separate country on Wikipedia.

England will play Holland in the Nations League Semi-Final. Should be a good match.

England squad

Goalkeepers: Jack Butland (Stoke), Tom Heaton (Burnley), Jordan Pickford (Everton).

Defenders: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Ben Chilwell (Leicester City), Joe Gomez (Liverpool), Michael Keane (Everton), Harry Maguire (Leicester), Danny Rose (Tottenham), John Stones (Manchester City), Kyle Walker (Manchester City).

Midfielders: Dele Alli (Tottenham), Ross Barkley (Chelsea), Fabian Delph (Manchester City), Eric Dier (Tottenham), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Jesse Lingard (Manchester United), Declan Rice (West Ham).

Strikers: Harry Kane (Tottenham), Marcus Rashford (Manchester United), Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Callum Wilson (Bournemouth).

Same old story, shit midfield.
seasider wrote:Same old story, shit midfield.
How the hell Delph, Dier and Lingard are in there I don't know. Lingard turns up more for England, but still. 

England fans at it again ahead of tomorrow's match with Holland.

Seems to be more talk about the behaviour of England fans than the actual game. This looks as though England fans disrespecting a shop selling beds!

Fucking morons
West Ham and Everton fans, no doubt about it.
International sports events are incredible when the fans enjoy it together and get to know each other.
Delph starts 😞

So we are relying on Rashford for goals....

Stadium looks full of England fans. Hopefully a positive performance and no trouble after the game. 

Big game for Barkley, Rice and Sancho. Holland have some real talent so will be huge test. 

Pen for England...
Relying on Rashford for goals

De Ligt having a mare. Why are we booing Van Dyke as well?

We just look as though we'll lose the ball everytime we have it. Barkley doing well but tries to be too clever sometimes.

Need more quality in the middle of the park but we know that already. 

Such has been my apathy for the game in recent months I don't recognise several players in white,  have not much idea about the competition ( if we win do we qualify for the Euros next year, if they're still on?), have watched only about three minutes of the second half and am bored. 

Why are they booing one of the Dutch defenders?

Looks like us v nobbers ( score's about the same as well) 

Come on Netherlands 

That was coming 
Going VAR mad. Thought we had scored a winner but right decision.  
The fuck happened there?!?

All gone a bit wrong since the VAR decision. 

I like to see defenders play out but no excuse for what John Stones did for their goal. He should be experienced enough now. They've all been at it to be fair - Maguire, Stones and Walker.

Shite that. Piss poor defending