This has just been retweeted on my Twitter. How bad is this!

Doesn't surprise me at all. It was outside FAC251 in Manchester. I've only ever been in once and was attacked by a doorman and thrown (literally) into the road. When I tried to ask what the hell was going on, I was told to fuck off or they'd all fill me in. Neither my wife nor I have any idea why I was attacked (luckily she was in the ladies and didn't witness the assault). I should have gone to the police, but looking back, I just wanted to get back to our hotel and clean up my cuts. Never been in since and never will. This was 8 years ago and it's clear they're still employing thugs, bullies and cowards.

They just couldn't wait to get a punch in could they. Is it going to take someone getting killed before this is stopped?

Whether or not the lad was acting like a pissed up twat or not is completely irrelevant. 

I remember my mate getting pushed down the Syndicate stairs by the bouncers and I had to wheel him around Blackpool Vic in a wheelchair the next day. To be fair, he was asleep in the toilets and the place was closed. When he woke, he set off the alarm and the bouncers had to come back to let him out. 

Nothing but cunts. Absolutely no need for that. They will get theirs, especially now it's gone viral

The people filming should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Why would no one step in and say something???

I guess that video is a accurate insight into the world we now live in.

Bouncers are cunts, always been the same.