Is there a worse set of fans? I know it's a derby but this is how they left the toilets at Vale Park last night. I bet they wouldn't do that at Millwall or Leeds.

That toilet block is still better than the rest of Vale Park.

Good turnout from Stoke fans for a Checkatrade match even though the same city. Over 4,000 there.

I know a number of Stoke fans. They’ve always bugged up their firms but I never saw any bother when I used to go to their games (used to live in Stoke). 
Never felt at ease away at Stoke. I remember us beating them 3-1 at the Britannia which was unexpected and there were hoards of Stoke fans waiting for us outside. Think the late Martin Aldridge scored twice. Thankfully avoided any trouble. Never managed to visit their old Victoria Ground but apparently that was even worse.
No - I’ve only been to the Britannia too.
Always found Stoke fans ok. I think Vale fans are annoying twats though.

Victoria Ground 1993 when Tricky Trev won the game in the last minute.

The locals were NOT amused. One of my favourite Pool games ever.