There’s definitely MONEY where you don’t expect it!!


Austria clears German who imported damaged euros from China

A German man arrested in Austria for alleged fraud after trying to convert thousands of old and damaged euro coins imported from China has been acquitted. The €1 and €2 coins were collected from scrapped cars and washing machines sent to China from Western countries.

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Geneva: 500 euro notes found flushed down toilets

Swiss prosecutors are investigating why tens of thousands of euros were flushed down toilets in Geneva. The €500 (£440; $600) notes were cut up and found in the toilets of a branch of the bank UBS and in three nearby restaurants. Thousands of francs have reportedly been spent on plumbing repairs to unclog the surrounding pipes. The high-value euro notes are due to be withdrawn in 2018 over fears they facilitate illegal activities.

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UK tourist in Venice hands big euro find to police

Arriving in Venice at the weekend on a holiday in Italy, a 67-year-old British woman discovered a plastic bag containing €2,700 (£2,400; $3,200). Instead of pocketing the surprise windfall, she handed it in to the nearest police station she could find and is now being feted by local media.

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The older generation just seem to be decent folk. 

If someone my age would have found that dosh it would have been spent on beer, brass and drugs before the day was out!

Magic147 wrote:Legend

Ha you fuck up, I never said I’d do either.

Geneva ... could that be FIFA 'conveniently' offloading money?!