Community website ILiveHere, boasting 30,000 followers, asked the public to vote for the chavviest, most violent and unclean' places to live.

The Top 10

1. Huddersfield

2. Rotherham

3. Liverpool

4. Rochdale

5. Blackpool

6. Castleford

7. Hull

8. Accrington

9. Bristol

10. Dover




Top three in that order!!!

It's pretty North dominated.

Can't believe Rochdale is on the list. I was expecting great things on Boxing Day.

I used to work in Slough. That was a fucking shithole. 

Surprised to see Dover on there.  I only know it from getting the ferry/tunnel from there but at least that’s something positive about it.  At least you can get away easily if it’s that bad.
Luton has obviously improved.