By the time I wake up you should know what super attraction is coming to Blackpool in 2020. They are making the announcement on Friday at 7am.

Rumours are flying ... Harry Potter World, Legoland, Massive shopping development, Disney, Universal.

Could be a game changer.

A couple of links to proposed projects are doing the rounds but still not confirmed ....

Let’s hope it’s something good.  The town needs a massive overhaul.  I think there’s a vast untapped market of people who are now taking holidays within the UK rather than going abroad.  Unfortunately Blackpool’s image has put many off.  If we could see something that could appeal to more aspirational types it could draw a lot of money in.  
The return of Pricebusters?

Not sure if this tweet suggests it will be controversial..

Thought it was going to be a training complex.

Been in the ones at Universal in Florida and they are pretty good. Provided of course that is is going to be on the same scale and not some cheap knockoff.

Hmmm I don’t know about this.  If it is done right then maybe, but if it’s half arsed it’ll be a big white elephant.  Not what I was hoping for.

We need an IMAX and some nice restaurants/bars not some kids ride.  

That’s if it happens of course...

Personally I think Blackpool should embrace its seedier side and go full on Amsterdam.

A proper red light district and coffee shops where you can buy and smoke weed freely without hassle from the fuzz.

Properly run, licensed and legitimate brothels would also allow the virgins who still attend Bloomfield Road to get their ends away and they wouldn't have to worry the general population or any schools or owt.

Plus the additional tax revenue could be used to provide subsidised dental work for them and plastic surgery to make them look more human. Not fully human of course, we still want to be able to identify one in case they're in a seat on a bus or using the public toilets without permission.

The ones who refuse to engage with the new regime we could just drown in the sea.

Central Car Park to become ....Initially another car park.

It's ambitious and perhaps slightly risky! Let's face it though, any investment is good for Blackpool.
Hannibal wrote:

Hmmm I don’t know about this.  If it is done right then maybe, but if it’s half arsed it’ll be a big white elephant.  Not what I was hoping for.

We need an IMAX and some nice restaurants/bars not some kids ride.  

That’s if it happens of course...

They’re ment to be building an imax at the back of the houndshill. 

A fucking carnival ride! What do you do in winter, close it down to decay or get vandalised or run it at a loss? Expected better tbh.
I must admit, I’m totally underwhelmed!

Should build a large concert venue that will be used all year round. People from all over the country would return many times to watch their favourite bands  and make a holiday out of it

A Flying theater will probably become a white elephant

That's my argument against any kind of ride no matter how spectacular.  It's a single visit, tick the box, destination. 

So will it be something like this?

Exactly..similar rides at Disney and Universal for years. Great on acid, decent sober but once you've seen it....

The vision...

Was talking to someone who works at the council at the weekend and there is a lot planned for that area. Think its a 15 year project.

The 4D cinema is just the start.

I think it's great as the current land is just an eye sore and a waste. A multi-Storey car park will make up for the parking spaces and then they will have all that land to make the centre more appealing to visitors. It's such a key area. 

To make Blackpool better, they need to change the perception of tacky bars and bedsits and make it more appealing to families from all backgrounds. If they get this right, then investors might actually want to invest in Blackpool because at the moment they don't. You only have to look at the shops and restaurants to know the big players stay well clear.

That whole area is being renovated. Lots of compulsory purchases made.

Also, a certain sports enterprise nearby was contacted after reporting it was up for sale, with a view of bringing it under the control of other enterprises that work in the area. Only to find that it wasn’t actually really up for sale...

Can you expand on that one or confidential?

Bascially Blackpool FC were up for sale but now they are not?
It was never up for sale, despite Owen saying it was after the court judgement.
Lying comes natural to them these days.

Great news

Meanwhile  the town has the honour of being one of the most deprived areas in the country. Among the highest rates of  death from drink and drugs, a massive number of homeless people living on the streets.  Child poverty. All adds up to Blackpool being a shithole that need help

Fuck the tourists, investment is needed for the benefit of locals. Don't tell me it's a drip down  that will benefit the general population of the town, that's bollocks. All the profits go the the big hotel and entertainment companies who had the sense to offer backhanders to the right people. 

Fucking stinks of corruption, always has, always will do this town.