Britain's greatest ever sportsman?
Max Woosnam. 

This guy sounds like he was a boy's own comic creation.
He won an Olympic gold medal and was also a Wimbledon winner at tennis. 
He captained Manchester City and England at football 
He hit a 100 a Lords against the MCC at cricket 
He had a 147 break at snooker 
He was a scratch golfer. 
He was also a director of ICI. 

Can you think of anyone who could top that?

Surely can't ever be beaten?! Unbelievable achievements and so modest too. A true lover of sport. Well done that man.  

I had to google this because I couldn't believe it
, and there's a link below: 

But ... here's another contender!!!

What about WG Grace ?!

He was a reknown cricketer and both a bowler and batsmen but did you know....

He played football for the Wanderers  
he was a champion 440m hurdler  
He was a qualified doctor 
He played lawn bowls and he founded the English Bowling Association in 1903 and became its first president. He also captained England in that sport.

Other great multi-discipline sportsman/sports women ???

I thought the achievements of Max Woosnam was common knowledge?

I might of picked it up through going to Main Road for a few seasons actually.

Not going to lie - had to google him.