Our resident “Gobshite” 😁 and sweary Mary has reached the big SEVEN O today😮. If he had been born just 3 days earlier he could of been Jesus😮. Jesus Christ 😮.Strewth!!

All the best Mucker you Scouse Cunt😁

Happy birthday you cunt.

Bloodyhell, I would not have had you down as 70.

Happy birthday pal.

Happy Birthday cunt.
Happy Birthday Bally.
Happy birthday Bally 🍺
Happy Birthday Bally 

Anyway Bally I’ve sorted you out with a couple of strippers for your Birthday...

That woodchips a bastard to get off the living room wall.

Happy birthday Bally

All the best Bally  👍

All the best mate
Cheers  all
he ain't complained at my jokes this year either!