Today at 12.30pm.

As close as they’ve been in years. Any thoughts on this one today? A draw for me.

Rangers have to win. They won't though. 

I think Gerrard is realistic. He wants to be competing with Celtic but he knows deep down that they will fall short this season. 

Come on Rangers!

The real winner will be football.

The rest of football that is, as we realise how lucky we are not to be Scottish.

Biggest derby in Britain. 
seasider wrote:Biggest derby in Britain. 

‍im struggling to think of one in the entire world.

You could say Everton v Tranmere is up there.

Oh BTW, Celtic will win the league this season by a bigger margin than last year.

Rangers 1-0 Celtic. 

Rangers are more up for it. 

Pretty sad only 750 Celtic fans are there. Both clubs are devaluing the derby with such small allocations.

Great result for Rangers 
Nightmare at christmas

Rangers at their very best, Celtic at their very worst. It was bound to happen at some point.

Result comes at the right time for Celtic. The team has come to the end of its cycle in areas, all of which Rodgers has identified as needing strengthening. Come the end of the winter break, those gaps will have been plugged and another treble will be on the horizon.

I doubt Celtic will be able to attract decent players in January. Clubs will not want to sell.
seasider wrote:I doubt Celtic will be able to attract decent players in January. Clubs will not want to sell.

‍Already got Timothy Weah coming on loan from PSG and Atalanta right back Timothy Castagne is in advanced talks. 

Celtic don't need to attract the top market to pull strides away from rivals and they cant either, they can however attract good players who have fallen out of favour at clubs, there'll be a long list in the Prem and around the European leagues.

Vincent Janssen from Spurs another linked example. 

The thought of the Shite and Slippy both winning a title is double horrifying. The pink twats and the Huns would never shut up.