What are people up to tonight? I think this will be about the 5th year running that we've stayed in. Long gone are the days of getting smashed and singing cheesy songs in the pubs. 

My new year resolutions are:

1) Put family before work but still need to do better in job. It's a fine balance. 

2) Cook more. I always leave it to the wife. It's not that I am lazy as I bath my kid and put him to bed. However, it would be better to break the routine and I cook for a change!

3) Be a bit more health focused. Don't do enough exercise. 

Off to a friends house tonight. One of the twins working (both would have if he hadn’t changed job) 

1 Don’t regret one little bit sacking off the working away lark for a regular job near home. 

2 probably doing my usual dry January. 

3 that’s it. 

I’m doing Dry Jan again but... the missus just booked us a weekend in Brussels in a couple of weeks. So I get a 3 day reprieve in the middle.

The old Lang sign .... Happy New Year. Resolution...to try to stay alive longer than Oyston.

GynnSquarePhoenix wrote:

The old Lang sign .... Happy New Year. Resolution...to try to stay alive longer than Oyston.

humm, but it could be for Lang-Lang, that amazing Chinese pianist though! 

I love an amazing pianist.

Become hard hearted and do not allow certain people to take advantage of me..........pratts!

Never forget ...

I didn't even make it to 12. I usually watch the Big Ben firework display but even that novelty has worn off. Been up since 5 doing a feed so probably a good job. 

I went to bed at about half ten.

Haven't done anything for NYE for years. Having a game of golf today though and a family dinner this afternoon.

Watched the fireworks in bed by 1 as in work today. Didn’t drink anything last night. 

We got home at about 04:30 with a £56 cab ride.

Today I feel like a midget has been stood on my head all night!

Hero wrote:

Today I paid a midget £56 to stand on my head before giving me a reach round!


Ha Ha