- Hope we don't rotate too much. We have something like a week off after this and should we **** this up Arsenal style the **** will really hit the fan. People are already turning against Emery. Maybe we can start one of our exiting loanees.

- I would like to see Mavropanos get a start if he is fit. Shame since this would be a game that Smith-Rowe would excel in, but he too is injured. No doubt one of Özil or Ramsey will start. Maybe Elneny too (if we don't sell). We have to win this to continue building a new momentum after the shambles of December.

- Eddie
Saka Özil Ramsey
Xhaka Elnenny
Lichsteiner Mavro Koscielny Bellerin

- This line up is basically impossible to predict, there are so many different things Emery could do. Wouldn't bother playing Torreira or Bellerin, also wouldn't surprise me if Özil and Auba turn up to play against Blackpool away lol. I think Nketiah, Saka, Willock and Medley will all be in the squad. Will Mavropanos/Smith-Rowe be back in time? Will Elneny/Jenkinson get rare appearances?  If anyone gets more than 8 of the line up right they deserve a medal.

- Does it feel to anyone else that we've had less rest over the Christmas break compared to other teams?

- Another cup I genuinely do not care about, tbh. I like the line up in the OP but I'd swap Torreira for either Ramsey or Willock and take Lacazette out for Iwobi and stick him at 10 or something. Seriously need our first team players to rest.

- Blackpool aren't in great form, not won in last 5 games, despite us not having a game for another 7 days after this fixture i'd still like to see us rest as many as possible, its been a busy xmas, we have plenty of injuries already and the EL means we still have stacks of games left to play this season (hopefully)

- Praying Unai is gone before the kick off !!!
#UnaiOUT #ArryIN

- Emery needs to at least win the FA or Europa. With us finishing 6th in the league and not having won either the FA or Europa, its going to get ugly for him.

- Emery doesn't care about youth. Embarrassing.

- The Blackpool game is just another accident waiting to happen in the life of Arsenal supporters. You wonder sometimes if its fate or plain incompetence. I get a feeling of foreboding about this game. Mourinho got sacked for losing 3-1 to Liverpool, Emeri loses 5-1 and has no consequences on him.' Time for the fans to vote with their feet, i cannot watch such a dross team of players anymore.

- Please play the kids for this with aubazette on the bench. Should get at worst a draw even with the kids

- 6,000 Arsenal fans up there so it'll be like a home match for us

- Sokratis had enough game time lately and should have a break. Medley, Mustafi or Koscielny should do the job. Monreal could also be back for this game.

- Yeah I think we’ll progress but Blackpool will score a goal maybe 2.

- I always love the start of the FA Cup. Not sure Emery will take it too seriously for the time being though.

- Are all our youngsters healthy? Would like to see Saka, ESR, and Medley feature for sure.

- Blackpool will be harder than the teams in the europa in a cup tie. Where vulnerable enough at the back without trying to be clever playing to many youngsters here. Forest defeat last year done nothing for us. This is the FA cup. Its on the box and we dont need an upset being beamed to the nation making our problems any bigger than they are already.

- We will win this handy. Play the kids in defence and a couple of older mids and attackers and be grand.

-  think getting top 4 and EL need to be front and center right now for us. I’d go for a solid side, with enough fire power on the bench just in case Blackpool pull a prime Barca on us lol. I don’t want us getting knocked out and we should give it a go, but getting top 4 is a must. And I don’t want any replays. We don’t need more games added on to our busy list.

- It’s another ‘Arsenal to win, both teams to score’ for me. Should be able to see them off with a combination of our senior comedy defenders + the likes of Saka and Nketiah up top.

- Blackpool are on a bad run of form. They’ve scored 1 goal in their last 5 league games. Mind you, the league 1 defences are significantly better than what we have at the back 😀

- Solihull would have been a much better atmosphere instead of playing it in some depressive Brexit town with a empty stadium

Had another look on the Arsenal forums and literally no mention of the fact that Blackpool fans are boycotting. They really are on another planet.
seasider wrote:Had another look on the Arsenal forums and literally no mention of the fact that Blackpool fans are boycotting. They really are on another planet.

Most of them are completely up their own arses. 

Just look at famous arsenal fans, and piers twatface Morgan is there.

They strike me as having the most clueless fans out of the big 6.
They don't have a clue of life outside the Prem.
tangerine77 wrote:They don't have a clue of life outside the Prem.

They don’t have a clue about life outside the top 6 . 

Arsenal fans are like mutated “Uber Southerners”. Totally fucking clueless to anything past the end of their noses! They are a strange bunch and a weird club. 

Liverpool, Everton, United, City, Newcastle and any other decent football club has fans that are well educated on our plight.

I really struggle to give Arsenal fans any credit, I just see them as arrogant, glory hunting pricks. I’ve always preferred Spurs too but don’t really care for either.

Fingers crossed for some of the soft fuckers going through the east stands floor.

#Blackpool gallows.

Agree with the above. I am not a fan of generalising a fan base but you just know Arsenal are the worst culprits simply by what you see on TV and read on forums.

Post Match

- it's going to be a strange atmosphere - listening to Radio 5 there is going to be 5k Arsenal supporters and 3k Blackpool fans

- The game could be delayed because Blackpool fan sat in the roof of Arsenal bus

- Even Blackpool fans don't want to watch our youngsters. I suppose they see enough Donkeys up there.

- Not suprised Blackpool is a sh1thole

- It was named recently as one of the unhealthiest places to live in the country.

- Why is half the stadium empty?

- Is that guy Blackpool owner? Lol

- Man that pitch ffs

- Their chairman is a leech and has nearly ruined them financially.

- this blackpool team even worse than us at defending

- Blackpools right back is obvoiusly playing for the wrong team, how did he get lost?

- Luckily Blackpool can’t finish for ****

- Blackpool players look like your stereo type pub-footballers

- As an aside, it's been good to see Marc Bola playing for B'pool. Even if they don't make it here, happy to see us producing professional league quality players.

- For anyone still wondering why Blackpool fans are boycotting/protesting, just know that the Oystons - father/son Owen and Karl in particular - make Stan Kroenke look like Arsenal's fairy godmother in comparison. For all the American owner's faults, neither he nor Josh has (to my knowledge) been convicted and imprisoned for raping a teenage girl, ordered to pay a business partner over £30M for mismanagement, verbally abused and sued their own team's fans etc.

- Blackpool are f***ing awful. 

- Arsenal running late for FA Cup clash after Blackpool fan sits on team bus..................little w***er, I hope we kiss their ass for that.

- You have feel for The Blackpool fans....I think if we were owned by a man in his eighties wearing a blonde wig....I’d boycott them too!

- Horrible pitch tho, very hard and bouncy

- Anyone listen to the Blackpool Supporters Trust lady on Arsecast? The oystons really are horrible fucking cunts. The bit where she said that they protest outside the stadium at every home game and as the match kicks off the walk away kind of got to me. Awful situation for them.

- Lack of investment, big debts run up against the club making the fact that it’s currently up for sale almost irrelevant and regulartory failure on the side of the PL and EFL.

- Why is their stadium empty?

- Look at Blackpool’s owner. He looks like the perfect cunt with that cowboy hat 

- Looks like a comfortable game in a dead stadium, on an awful pitch