Plans for the Arsenal game - reminder: 

BST have called for Blackpool fans to join the BST committee at our usual spot opposite the main entrance to Blackpool FC, prior to the game with Arsenal on Saturday. We will be there from 4pm onwards. 

This game is an opportunity for Blackpool fans to show the wider world that we are still protesting, still boycotting and empty seats inside the stadium send the strongest message. We have spent this week conducting many media interviews to ensure that our plight is understood. BT Sport and the BBC will be outside the ground filming the fans who are there as well as highlighting the reason for empty seats inside the ground. 

We ask that those who are able to come to the ground show the watching public that Blackpool fans are stoic, determined and dignified. Our protests can be loud and proud but we must stress that abusive and violent behaviour is not acceptable. Emotions can run high in these situations and it is vital that no Blackpool fan undermines the principled and painful stand being undertaken by so many by being abusive or threatening towards those who choose to attend the game. The world is watching; we need the public to see that we are not trouble makers but ordinary, decent folk who are making a stand for what we believe is right. 

We have contacted a number of pubs across the Fylde Coast who will be showing the game, as an alternative for those who may have been considering purchasing a ticket for the match or who wish to watch it alongside fellow fans but will not attend Bloomfield Rd. This is not an exhaustive list but we hope it will be helpful for those who are interested. 

The Saddle, Whitegate Drive 

No 10 Alehouse, Whitegate Drive 

Devonshire Arms, Devonshire Rd 

Bloomfield Brewhouse, Ansdell Rd 

The Bridge, Lytham Rd 

The Dutton Arms, 407 The Promenade 

The Highfield, Highfield Rd 

The Dunes, Lytham Rd 

The Farmers Arms, Highfield Rd 

No 4, Newton Drive 

No 3, Devonshire Square 

Bay Horse, Station Rd Thornton 

Sandyforth Arms, Thornton 

Tramway, Cleveleys 

Strawberry Gardens, Fleetwood 

Thatched House, Poulton 

The Blossoms, Woodland Rd St Annes 

Victoria Hotel, Church Rd St Annes 

Lord Derby, St Annes Rd West 

Number 15, St Anne's Square 

The Town House, St Annes Rd West 

The County Hotel, Church Rd, Lytham 

Ship and Royal, 91 Clifton St 

The Taps, Henry Street, Lytham

Surprised The Taps are showing it. Mind you, the new owner is a Sunderland fan so they abolished the tradition of a no screens and music.