Why Blackpool fans boycotted the game.

Christine spoke well once again but that's a given. Respect to that Arsenal TV guy as well. Came across that he genuinely was interested.
Shame about the attention seeking bellends bombing it
Bally wrote:Shame about the attention seeking bellends bombing it

‍Yeah that was cringe.

That interview has been viewed 40000 times in 24 hours. That is terrific publicity. Christine was as professional and passionate as always.

 As for the over enthusiastic kids? Good on em that they still care. 

I bet this one has been viewed a lot. 

Spearing saying the players still have to wash their own kit. 

30000 views so far. Great piece. So that was shown on BT Sports before the game? 
Not sure. Missed the first ten minutes so could have been on then. 
I reckon it was shown at the start of the programme to explain the empty seats to the viewers, most of whom would have had no idea about our plight. That is more national publicity and more shame heaped on the scum.