I am not even sure Oyston would stoop this low. Actually of course he would.

From the Forest Green Rovers chairman. 

From Monday morning, Christian Doidge is back with FGR. We've taken the decision to recall him after his loan agreement expired last week amid continual contractual breaches by Bolton Wanderers.

It became clear to us that Bolton entered into a contract to loan and then buy Christian last August without the means to honour it, and perhaps the intention to do so as well. They haven't even paid his wages for the last four months (we have).

It's not just FGR that have been let down badly by Bolton, but Christian too.

Bolton's Chairman, Ken Anderson, made a lot of promises on the last day of the transfer window, both to Christian and FGR, and has kept none of them. This is all his work and from talking to Ken he feels immune from the consequences - but some of these promises are written in legally binding contracts, and we'll be pursuing them.

When the dust settles, we'll talk to the EFL about how they regulate clubs like Bolton. They already regulate the club to a degree, controlling all TV monies to make sure that football debts get paid. Hard not to wonder whether the league could also have a role in approving the terms of any contracts entered into - to make sure that they are actually within the means of the club. We had no way to know, but the EFL should have the inside view on that.

And finally (for now...) - Disappointing as it is to see this go pear shaped, both for FGR and Christian, I'm also excited by the prospect of the second half of the season with Christian back with us. I'm sure all FGR fans everywhere will join me in welcoming him back.

Bolton's chairman issued a lengthy club statement. A bit like Oyston but with lots of waffle.


Bolton's protest plan is very similar to our Cardiff one when we walked out on the 53rd minute. I find it a bit contradictory - support the lads but leave on the 58th minute. They are obviously caught in the crossfire of supporting the team and boycotting. My guess it will be another half hearted Blackburn type protest.

7pm - Get Yourself to Nat's Statue

That is the meeting point. At 7:15pm there will be a peaceful (but hopefully noisy) lap of the outside of the ground for all taking part, congregating eventually outside the front doors of the stadium where the singing and chanting will continue. We believe Ken is not going to be there but we want to make such a noise regardless to allow ourselves to be heard.

8pm - Kick Off

What is important to remember is that we are there to support the team. The game should ideally not be disrupted in any way.

Regardless of the off-field mess, the lads need our backing and they should receive that without question. Support the lads with a party atmosphere resembling something from the Premier League days. Old school chants, ex-player tributes, whatever you feel appropriate, bring the noise the lads deserve. These players have played for us without the guarantee of when their next wage will come - we have a duty to let them know that we're behind them whatever may happen in the weeks and months to come.

58th minute

With the number 58 so ingrained in our club's history it will be at this moment that fans are encouraged to leave the ground to show their displeasure at the way that Anderson has treated not only the players but also the backroom staff, the office staff and everyone else who has been left wondering whether they'll be able to pay the bills on time.

The idea is not to dwell on the concourse or return to the stands, but to leave and have the Sky cameras show the swathes of empty seats whenever they pan to the crowd, emphasising the size of this movement.

We may not be able to force Ken Anderson into selling the club but what has become abundantly clear in the last few days is that enough is enough and we are not prepared to stand back and allow this to continue. The chairman might openly admit that he 'doesn't care' about what happens to the club, but we do. We were there before him, and we'll be here long after he's gone.

Oh dear.


Protest tonight. Kick off was delayed.

Tennis balls on the pitch is so yesterday………..

Estimated 4,000 protesting outside the 'University of Bolton Stadium'. What a shit name.

Winding up petition


Nobody will miss them, shit club, shit fans, shithole, shit shit shit.
Couldn’t happen to a nicer set of fans. They gloated at our troubles and have a murderer among them.