Former Crystal Palace owner speaks with a Blackpool fan about the boycotts. Thought Jack (Pool fan) did well and spoke from the heart. It's about 5 mins in.

Didn't really want to create a separate thread for this so will stick it in here. Another article - this time from The Times.

Simon Jordan needs to shut his uneducated god and listen to the Blackpool lad.

I know one thing, who ever takes over our club will be living god!

I though Simon Jordan spoke quite well in my opinion but you can tell he was part of the owners club. He kept acknowledging what Jack was saying but then tried to play devils advocate when there was just no need. 
Patronising, biased, self serving man - the interview clearly shows that he is clearly entrenched in a particular owners viewpoint. This is the  same man who invited Ollie to stay with him at his home before he signed for Palace leaving Thommo up the creek the next day. The chairman who turned on his own fans for not attending - and blaming this on his own lack of investment (due of course to his wanting to sell the club at a ridiculous price prior to putting it into administration). Oh yeah.... he stuck his nose into Coventry City which caused big financial issues that quite a few of their fans didn't appreciate. Cut from the same cloth as Koko but admittedly a far better buisnesseman.

He has done alright for himself with Susanna Reid.