Derby or not?

I personally think its embarrassing for Sunderland fans.

Jim White making out its a big game.

Will be interesting to see the gate. I suspect Sunderland fans will play it down and not turn up where as Newcastle will bring thousands. Any idea on what the expected gate will be?

Similar to Port Vale v Stoke the other night. Stoke took around 5,000 fans and basically trashed the place. The funny thing is Port Vale won 4-0.

The whole competition is a farce and should be scrapped immediately. Can't believe the format was approved for another season after the low turnouts.
Expecting 20,000 to attend.
How many Newcastle. I can see them taking shit loads just to take the piss out of Sunderland.
It'll be up to the police how many they are allowed after what happened at Port Vale. I reckon they'd take about 10,000 if allowed.

2,800 Newcastle fans last night. They did ask for more but Sunderland refused.

Gate was around 16.5k which is pretty good for the Checkatrade Trophy. Sunderland won 4-0.
Why put them up there. Why not seat them in the middle. It's shit that clubs just don't put fans first. There's only Pool that give away fans seats as good and as many as the home fans get.
Longstaff was playing for Newcastle.