Fucking pathetic. 

Pep and the Arab billions need to go to a big club.

Wife didn't go but she gave her ticket to someone. When you're that successful, fans pick and choose and games as it's boring. She said to me that City have got three home games close together so people will miss the Burton game. 
It's a fucking semi final, there support is shit just making up excuses for it.

8-0. It was never going to be a contest which is why they have stayed away. The downside of constant success; it all gets a little boring. 

You're right though, they are a big club but not massive compared to some other teams in the Premier League. 

They have only got 2 more home games this month and they're 2 weeks apart!
Fuck knows, she always has an excuse as I always mention the empty seats.
The Burton fans who turned back after the traffic jam on the M6 had a lucky escape. 

People have a go about City getting no fans to a semi final. 32,000.

 On a week night.

  On the tv. 

Third home game in 7 days.

 After Christmas. Including a huge title game. 

Against a low league opposition.

 In the first semi final with a trip to Wembley almost guaranteed to retain the trophy. 

Probably a long FA cup run ahead with a lot of Premier League teams about to drop out. 

A title race on the card for another year running. 

Huge champions League fixtures ahead home and away trips. 

And now we have journalists having a go at them for putting a show on for the fans who did come out and pay another £40.

Some jealous cunts about

Agree with a lot of that Bally. City have a very hardcore fan base that have been loyal over the years. They just don't seem to have gained many glory hunters which is why they don't pack the ground out for the minor games. For the Premier League games the ground is a sell out. There are just many empty seats because season ticket holders don't turn up. This is the price of success really - it becomes a little boring after a while.

There aren't many teams who would have filled a 60k ground last night. I will throw these teams out there but that's even up for debate. I can only think of United and Liverpool. Newcastle perhaps if they were in City's position.

You can say that, but I took t'other halves eldest to a City Premier League game last year as a birthday present. When buying the tickets we struggled to find a game that wasn't sold out and then struggled to find seats sat together for the game we eventually picked.

When we were actually at the game, no exaggeration to say that a third of the seats were empty for a supposedly nearly sold out game.


My wife's brother doesn't go anymore, even she picks and chooses games. My bet is that they have 1000's of people who sack off the smaller games even though they have season tickets. I can't fully tell on the pic but is that City v Watford? A perfect example where plenty would sack off.

Yeah, it was Watford, but how frustrating must it be for people who can't afford season tickets or can only get to the odd game trying to get a match ticket only to be told it's sold out, and then you see a pic of the crowd like that where there are thousands of empty seats,

There's an argument for season ticket holders should have to state they are going to use their seat by n days before the match or their seat gets sold.

Season ticket holders should put their seat on this online ticket website where people can buy them at face value. I think it's Viagogo. Wife uses that when she can't attend.

At the end of the day though, it's their seat and they can do what they want with it.

A lot of tickets go on Stub Hub and get sold for profit. Basically touting. 

Also a lot buy ST's so they can be guaranteed tickets for big games. They don't  bother  with the smaller games, especially if they're  televised night games. The ones that live out of town can have nightmares just getting there for KO.

I think it would be different if the majority were Saturday 3pm but TV has fucked that.

Bally wrote:

I think it would be different if the majority were Saturday 3pm but TV has fucked that.

‍I think that pretty much nails it as well.

Can't even sell out a Champions League game, excuses excuses.