Not much to go at.


- Unless more are released there are under 200 tickets left.So if you want to see top of the table Pompey you had better get a move on.And don't forget to give Oyston stick.

- I hope he gets the reception he deserves throughout the match.As supporters we first hand experience of what bad owners can do to a club.OYSTON OUT

- What would be ideal is during a lull in the match (eg an injury) the FE should give a both barrels chant of 'get out of their club'

- What have/haven't they done as owners to get all this shiit? This is a genuine question not an inflammatory question.

- Vile, vile people. Long been a sympathiser with Blackpool fans cause. I’d hoped after losing that court case he’d be forced to sell up and yet the parasite is still there. No sign of him going?

- Really hope the Oystons do one. And quickly. Vile.

- Who was their chairman when they got promoted to the premier league?

- Nothing wrong with getting a nice tan on your own roof. 😉

Great bunch of fans. 

Does Johnny Westwood still travel the country in his British flagged camper van?

Portsmouth have shown you can turn things around. Granted they are a bigger club and can attract better players but a great example to try and follow. 


- Can't believe Blackpool defence playing for time in the last bit of first half

-   A bad day at the office today where nothing went right,except Matt Clarke upping his value. But the worst performance of the afternoon had to be from the 18k+ crowd. The atmosphere was dead from the off and got worse during the game.People were getting up and walking out after Blackpool had scored in the 72 nd minute and although it looked like one of those games where we would never score,come on have a bit of passion. And then to boo a team off at the end who are top of the league is just a disgrace. If you came today just to sit on your hands and moan throughout then can I ask you to not bother next time.

- Too many players off their game after that fantastic result and match at Norwich.

- Far too predictable at home as I've said before as we make it too easy for savvy teams to take the game to us. Lack of a scoring threat. 

- Blackpool did their homework on us in the first half, stopped us going. Second half, we looked tired and nervous, and the ball just didn't fall for us. Cannon for Green was a good substitution, but Cannon still no Thompson. On the plus side, we played dreadfully against a decent League One and still didn't deserve to lose. 

- Their wingers were easily better than our wingers.

- I don’t know about not deserving to lose, we didn’t deserve to win.

- It was going to happen at sometime...what an abysmal game of football..Pompey made Blackpool look good...actually, NO, neither sides looked good and Pompey were dire.

- Shocking game. Blackpool came for a draw, and luckily left with all 3 points. Game was flat, neither side deserved to win.