The odds will go much lower than that if Spearing is out of the side with injury.
To be really totally honest, I've only envisaged promotion not relegation...,... Blackpool shoud be MINIMUM championship and IDEALLY premier .... full stop        
People are predicting we will get a points deduction. 

Manager McPhillips said: “I don’t know what our odds are now for relegation but they should be a little longer, despite getting slashed on the Friday after some rumours.

“What do I know? I don’t know but I think anyone can put something on the internet these days and get a response from it.

“It did get a response because the players were like, ‘What’s going on?’ But we just crack on and concentrate on the football. That’s what we did at Portsmouth and luckily got the result.

“We put up with some stuff and we get some stick. Fans don’t turn up and then you come to a place like this and there are nearly 20,000, but we just get on with it.

“We didn’t win because of rumours the players heard – it’s because they’re a good group who stick together and back each other up.”