Is steed stealing details?

Both on my Smart TV and Laptop I get this message. I have to use my phone.

What is the actual error?

Saying its a security risk?

I am sure a tenner has just gone out my bank lol. Both my Smart TV and laptop, have to use my phone which is connected to same network?

Does it say it if you deliberately type https:// at the beginning?

Might just be a warning if you don’t go to a secure domain. Otherwise I don’t know, it’s all encrypted.

Clearing the cache is always one to try although not going to pretend I have a clue.
Only other thing I can think is that they take exception to the company that supplies the encryption certificate but it’s a standard one so not sure why they would.

It has started doing this on my Smart TV but AVFTT loads.

What's that wallpaper all about?
Magic147 wrote:What's that wallpaper all about?

‍He lives in an Indian take-away

Racist cunt
I feel like I'm watching East Is East.
Fucking hell! Chris lives in the 1970s 🤣
Ha ha. I only papered that last month, not my choice btw. Q will love it.
tangerinejezza wrote:Fucking hell! Chris lives in the 1970s 🤣

‍I do live in Burnley, I am leading the way in fashion.

Top quality paper that. Love it. Takes me back.
Qblock2019 wrote:Top quality paper that. Love it. Takes me back.

‍I know you love anything futuristic 

Anyway, while you are all taking the piss out of my modern wallpaper, steed has emptied your bank account.
this thread

In regard to your browser issue, I have no idea what the issue is. I don’t really have enough info to debug it.

I can probably get hold of a fondu set to go with that wallpaper though if you’re interested.

Either the tellys pissed or the wallpaper is
I only papered that chimney breast a few weeks ago not fucking decades. Tele aint pissed cameras at an angle. Anyway just got same message on my phone, might be my fucking internet?
tangerine77 wrote:I only papered that chimney breast a few weeks ago not fucking decades. 
Were you wearing this while hanging it ? 

Now that’s a cool look👍
I’d argue, if you’re trying to access this shit on your telly, your wallpaper is the last of your issues.