Who is old enough to remember Tommy Hutchison? BST latest weekly Gazette column is up on the Trust website now: https://www.blackpoolsupporterstrust.com/Site/LatestNews.aspx?NewId=176
Super article, really splendidly written. We are very lucky to have a Trust full of such able people fighting on our behalf.
When you think of clubs who have it bad. Coventry should be right up there with us. On a different scale to the likes of Newcastle, Bolton and Blackburn.
I seem to remember him scoring 2 goals in a cup match. One at each end in the same half!!! Great player - one of my all time favourites.

What a photo! 

Shame the King of Bloomfield Road not in it,  otherwise may have been a new avatar for me.

Sir Stanley, I think you are thinking of the 1981 FA Cup final.

EFL are braving doing this survey especially when the likes of Blackpool FC are advertising it. Piss take.


They won't even look at it.
zigga zagga zigga zagga Hutchison  

By TorontoSeasider 3 days ago

Sir Stanley, I think you are thinking of the 1981 FA Cup final.

Ah - I you are quite right. Well done. Manchester City and Tottenham.

The old brain has lost some of it's registration these days.