I like to share with you this little article, this is a blog of an italian guy who like to travel and see big and little football reality, this post is about Blooomfield Road, and hit me particulary, this guy write about a man named Derek Duckworth (a Bloomfield road guide) able to communicate so much of passion by talking about Blackpool FC, the guy in the article say: "Non ci resta che stringere la mano e fare i più sinceri complimenti a Derek. Il calcio è passione e lui, con educazione e competenza, ne ha trasmessa a iosa; un sentimento che purtroppo ci ha soltanto sfiorato di fronte alla prestigiosa bacheca del Santiago Bernabéu o nei sinuosi meandri dell’Amsterdam Arena."
TR: "We just have to shake hands and make the most sincere congratulations to Derek. Football is passion and he, with education and competence, has transmitted it to me; a feeling that unfortunately only touched us in front of the prestigious bulletin board of the Santiago Bernabéu or in the sinuous meanders of the Amsterdam Arena."

Hope you guys appreciate.

If I could speak Italian, would be able to provide feedback. Thanks for sharing though