Anyone watching?

Presume Steed is as an ex player 😁

Have no particular affiliation for either team so I'll go for the LA Rams as presumably they're the underdogs as Patriots keep winning it 

GO Rams (or whatever)


Couldn't even tell you who was playing. I saw a picture of the stadium, that looked impressive. 


I do like the whole pageantry of it and get dragged in every year - for once I'm going to try and stay awake - I say that every year but always snooze halfway through and wake at the end normally 
Maroon 5 doing the half time show - and thats it - all  my knowledge of American Football used up 
I played it on the SNES when I was young. Was it John Madden or something like that. 
Yeah it's still named after him every year it's released bit like Tiger Woods golf (although that's not called that now)

As ever,  I'll be riveted. 

Think it'll be a question of whether the Rams D can better the Pats O

Will Donald and Suh stifle the Pats ' running game or can New England's offensive line give Brady the time to control the clock? 

Rams have a couple of male cheerleaders on show.

Hope the contest is as exciting as it has been for the past couple of years.

Both of these beat us during the regular season. 

Dislike the cheating Pats,  but would,  grudgingly,  admire Big Bill if he masterminds victory with not the greatest of teams he's coached 

Another superb indoor stadium to host such a wonderful spectacle. 

Patriots for me  31-24

Both of these beat us during the regular season.

‍who's us?

At a guess, "us" is Minnesota.
Patriots for me  31-24

‍thats what Harry Kane just said 

Toronto is right.

Is Harry a guest on BBC or Sky? 

Just getting home after evening in town 

Didn't realise Kane is an authority.

Can see Pats striking early and Rams not quite being able to haul them in 

TorontoSeasider wrote:At a guess, "us" is Minnesota.

‍Like all the teams I follow in various sports,  underachievers.

What's it like to be a fan of a successful organisation,  I wonder? 

America the Beautiful over the top as usual,  but Gladys mimed impressively 
Even the coin toss is an event!

What's all the fuss with the half time entertainment?

Lowest ever scoring Super Bowl final on record wasn't it?
seasider wrote:

What's all the fuss with the half time entertainment?

Lowest ever scoring Super Bowl final on record wasn't it?

‍They had Maroon 5 doing it and it was a cringe-worthy, awful performance even by the generally awful standard of Superbowl half time shows.

A band who usually perform for 13-year-olds pretending to be rock stars to millions of American Football fans. Not to mention they were about the 5th choice band after everyone else asked either pulled out or declined.

I remember Maroon 5 as a teenager. Didn't know they were still going.
The singer, Adam Levine is now a dreamboat for milfs and soccer Moms due to his seasons as a judge on The Voice.  I didn't watch any of it but the reviews are scathing..worst halftime show ever, some rapper in a real fox fur coat getting slated. The game had no highlights apparently because my morning news has shown zero plays but shown Levine taking his shirt off a few times.
Only thing worth watching was the film trailers although was disappointed with the Avengers one.