Hopefully we will hear something today. I am caught in two minds whether to go midweek or get a refund.

Think we will do well to take over 1000 now.

No news?

Might make up for it by going to Ramsbottom v Fylde

TheSteed wrote:

No news?

Might make up for it by going up a Rams bottom.


The usual Tuesday night isn't it?
I think we will hear something today about the re-arranged fixture.
Did you hear anything?
TheSteed wrote:The usual Tuesday night isn't it?
What, putting it up a rams bottom? You know how to enjoy yourself on Tuesday nights, don't you!

Ramsbottom 5-5 Fylde. I hope you did go to it!

Re-arranged fixture is Tuesday 5th March. 


Bit of ball ache to get a refund..

Accrington have confirmed tickets bought for the original fixture are valid for the rearranged game. However supporters unable to attend the new date should return their ticket to the club as soon as possible to receive a full refund. Accrington said:

"Match ticket/s need to be returned either in person (for those who purchased by cash and/or credit/debit card in person from the ticket office) or by recorded delivery (for those who purchased by credit/debit card over the phone) to; Jessica Fish, Ticket Office, Accrington Stanley FC, The Wham Stadium, Livingstone Road, Accrington BB5 5BX before a full refund can be given.

"Anyone returning a ticket/s by recorded delivery needs to keep a copy of the six figure unique ticket number at the bottom right hand corner of the match ticket for reference.

"Please note when posting the tickets back to the football club for refund, to include your full name, address and contact telephone number. Once the club has received the returned tickets we will contact you by telephone to arrange the refund to your credit/debit card.

"Supporters who cannot attend the rearranged fixture, but who already have a ticket at the club for collection should call 01254 356950 and ask for Sophie or Jess. We will then reimburse your credit/debit card over the phone.

"If you purchased tickets through Blackpool Football Club, you should contact them directly."

seasider wrote:

"If you purchased tickets through Blackpool Football Club, you should contact them directly."

‍they forgot to add "where you'll no doubt get shafted"

They deserve to
Can't be arsed getting envelopes and returning the tickets so might just go.
Tuesday night. Maybe I will go after all.
Nice... it's pancake day so at least I can get out of that as well.