Is no more. Sold three shops to another local betting firm and shut the rest. Including the lytham shop. 

Can’t say I’m sad 😆.

If the new owners have any sense the first thing they want to do is disassociate themselves from the Oystons.
Doubt they will be paying BFC much.

I presume that the kit will have to be updated to remove BETSID (at Oystain's cost?).

Remember when Alan Ball "left" and the programmes just had a blacked out area where his picture had bee

They still have online betting available 
He made a loss of 2.6 million 😀 Why have they bought it you can’t compete with the big boys these days they will take a loss to just get rid of their rivals. I used to work for an independent bookie and we just could not compete with their offers and their machines  
tangerine77 wrote:They still have online betting available 

‍You’ve got an account with them. Have you no shame?😡

I don't use it anymore since I realised they sponsor Blackpool