Anyone got anything booked?

Not doing a proper holiday this year. Kids have to do some work experience. One has a week in Bournemouth and the other could be in Oxfordshire/ Warwickshire. So probably a week in both of those for us 😳. 

Missing Portugal 😖

Missing the Portugal count down 
You could always do the count down until you're not going to Portugal😂
tangerine77 wrote:You could always do the count down until you're not going to Portugal😂

Brilliant idea 👍 

Add to which , both of them are going to New York ,with Blackpool 6th next February. So helping pay for that too. 

We are going abroad for the first time since Jamie was born and he's 11 - we've spent the last 7/8 years touring in a van and then bought a static 4 years ago - got rid as we were all bored so we're off to Benidorm Wahoo!!!!!! 😎
Lucky them , amazing place.

I meant New York not Benidorm😂

Although Benidorm is good👍

Haha benidorm will be good but i thought "amazing" was pushing it 😁
We’re going to Mexico for 3weeks in March and Orlando for 2weeks in October for Halloween.  
Orlando for two weeks sounds like a punishment. 
I’ve been invited to GSP’s for a month in June and a fortnight at Daib0’s in Spain in August 😁It’s good to have forum mates😁
Off to our usual place in Tenerife in April for two weeks. To honest, not sure I'm looking forward to it with a 4 year old and then 6 month baby. 

Hope no one was flying yesterday!

Having a quiet year this year after a busy one last year.

Florida in 2020 to pay for as well.

If this shit stain of a message board had actual messaging I'd ask you about your Florida 2020 details. We're going back to Florida for a week in April.
Patience GSP, messaging will be available before April 2020 😉