- Blackpool are not high scorers so well placed for a drawer as per

- Scrappy 1-0 win for the lads. Grigg to get off the mark.

- 0-1 Blackpool. Similar to the home game against them in 2010 (?) we will have 67 shots, 44 on target, and they will score with their solitary shot

- One of the most one sided defeats I've ever seen when we played Blackpool in the Prem.

- They're unbeaten in the league since we played them away, including a win away at Portsmouth. 1-1.

- At least they are about 8th and hardly conceding at present. The last two games have been against clubs in the bottom 4

- The game apart, this is a massive week for Blackpool FC. On Wednesday Valeri Belokon is in court in London to finally get back his still owed £25 million by the Oyston's. He is trying to get a court receiver appointed which in turn could see BFC have 12 points deducted and be in a relegation fight.

- 3-0, comfortable night after we absolutely fly out the blocks and then don't look back until we're promoted in May.

- I really think we’ll thump them.

- We are capable of winning by 2 or 3 but we won't, it's going to be another tough game against a Blackpool side that are capable of picking up away points. 1-0 to the lads or points shared.

- 1.1. We'll score midway through the first half, they'll predictability equalise on about 82 minutes.

Nobody gives a shit what those chicken nugget faces are saying.
You don't like Sunderland do you? 😆
seasider wrote:You don't like Sunderland do you? 😆
Will Griggs on fire🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶🎼
It will be the Pool fans singing Chris Long is on fire. 
I bet they only signed him so they can sing that song.
Will we be on season 2 of "Sunderland 'til I die"? 


- Referee is a puff, scared to make any big decisions.

- 1 point gained

- Well this has been...... fun? No the other thing, fucking woeful.

- Shite result this mind, really bad.

- Pathetic again

- Beyond awful result, again.

- Seems teams come here to fall ower and waste time.

- That was frustrating as hell. Deserved all three points but just so unlucky in front of goal. Disappointing.

- I’ve never seen time wasting as bad as that in a long time. For a 1-1 draw in February

- Absolute shithousery from Blackpool, wankers.

- Suppose we had a few chances to actually win it, but Blackpool looked like a team, we didn't.

- Their number 17 who tried every trick in the book to run the clock down, is called 'Virtue' would you believe.

- Watched that stream and Blackpool did exactly the same cheating tactics Luton did, the referee should of booked them for time wasting, at least we didn't lose but don't win friday then not good.

- Looked proper up for it. Blackpool looked terrified at times.

- Start pressing much higher up the pitch and put their defence under pressure. Lets get them start misplacing passes or hoofing it. We were better second half but I have a feeling that's because Blackpool dropped off so deep.

- Enjoyed the game. Our problem is allowing a team to settle. We should be in their face. There was a ten minute spell second half when we did this and Blackpool were booting it anywhere.

- Good point vs a good Blackpool side. Take the positives from this performance

- Absolute pathetic performance. No balance at all and frankly it's not good enough

- Much improved that. The most I’ve enjoyed watching us in the league probably since first half against Charlton and the best atmosphere at home since I don’t know when.

- We were fucking shit man, we were better in the second half but that's because they thought they could hang on to a one nil lead and we all know how that ends.

- Well, there goes one of the guaranteed wins through our games in hand

- Blackpool had one opportunity and took it. We had several and only took one. On another day we'd have won that comfortably.

- This league is awful and we should be smashing teams given the players at our disposal.

- Time wasting. Possibly the worst I've ever seen at any level. That lad Virtue for them should've been carded. Total shithousery.

- Totally agree - was embarrassing from like 40 mins onwards.

- Was unbelievable. They were doing it as soon as they scored. The keeper was a joke taking at least 45secs for each goal kick.

- What do you expect when you’re playing against the biggest club in the league. We would be doing the exact same in their position

- Was a fucking disgrace lads, Luton did exactly the same but Blackpool took it to a new level! Cheating bastards.

-     No doubt, but I'd be embarrassed watching that as a Blackpool fan. Not a fan of such blatant cheating. People will say we have to match this kind of gamesmanship but it's really ugly to watch.
- The time wasting was disgusting. Tying boot laces, feigning injury, throwing the ball back into the crowd, pretending to take throw ins and free kicks then leaving it for someone else, keeper taking forever to take a goalkick and even deliberately mucking up the kick off in the second half to break things up. Tonight turned into a farce, not a football match, due to Blackpool's dreadful reactivate a referee incapable of or unwilling to deal with it.

- What a disgrace it was. Grown up men, should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

Blackpool has been on the receiving end of cheating too. When the TV pundits stop condoning cheating then maybe things will start to change with fans and players.

😂 No one can whine like a Mackem

If that was there reaction to a draw against us, God knows what it must have been like when they got relegated. Huge forum but full of bitters.