When asked by The Gazette if a 12-point deduction is likely to apply in Blackpool’s case, a spokesperson for the EFL said: 

“The position on this matter is until the EFL receives full details, we are not in a position to comment.” 

The EFL instead referred The Gazette to the relevant rules regarding insolvency, which states: 

“If any club becomes subject to or suffers an insolvency event, that club shall be deducted 12 points.”


I read that as a yes, the points are going.
It's not insolvency on the part of the club though is it?

You are probably way more informed than me on this legal maze.  The phrase "an insolvency event" gives it plenty of breadth though. I honestly don't know where this is heading. 

My gut tells me the weasel will manage to buy more time and the only people smiling will be the solicitors.

I've read on Twitter that the receiver will contest the 12 point deduction if it happens.
seasider wrote:I've read on Twitter that the receiver will contest the 12 point deduction if it happens.
A points reduction will lower the value of assets
So we get a point deduction from the EFL because the EFL failed to act.

At least it will make the end of season interesting. Love a good relegation battle. 

It's a shame for the players and manager but I would hazard a guess that even McPhillips would accept it if it meant playing in front of bigger crowds.

From the "letter of the law" it looks to a non-solicitor (but who has written and deals with contracts and legalese semi- often) like it probably WILL apply...

It's quite broad... applies to any club which has a receiver "appointed over any assets which, in the opinion of the Board is material to the Club’s ability to fulfil its obligations as a Member Club" - the reasons why don't seem to matter at all.

If anyone is interested the relevant bits are a bit halfway down this page (search "insolvency" to find it):


And then section 12.3 here:

Thanks for that. I got the impression also that the letter from the EFL today did say we would get a deduction. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. Just feel sorry for the manager and players who have been brilliant.
I don't think they'll apply it. 
What makes you say that?
I would happily let them take all the points, the useless bastards, if it guaranteed the scum were gone. 
seasider wrote:What makes you say that?

Just read this on the BBC. Surely they need to deal with it before their next meeting the lazy gits. 

The EFL said in a statement that they will "consider the matter" at their next meeting on 6 March.
Magic147 wrote:Optimism. 

😀 You'll confuse him.

MP Gordon Marsden urges EFL not to deduct Blackpool FC 12 points

“I believe this was an inevitable decision and is welcomed not least by many of our constituents and supporters of the club,” Marsden said of the club entering receivership.

“Fans now hope this can be the beginning of a new chapter for the club.

“I know from my frequent meetings with the Blackpool Supporters’ Trust (BST) and the range of other conversations around the town in recent years, how much the situation at Bloomfield Road has caused much anguish and sadness to so many people and continues to do so.

“You may remember that I previously wrote last March to your former chairman Ian Lenagan about the crisis that the divisions between the club’s owners and Blackpool supporters had created, including the sustained boycott at Bloomfield Road, which is of course in my constituency.

“We have been told that the EFL board will now be discussing the implications of the receivership decision at their next board meeting on March 6.

“It has been said that the EFL may have discretion on the issue of whether to deduct points from the club or not. I want now therefore strongly to urge the EFL not to deduct 12 points off Blackpool as a result of the receivership decision.

“It would be seen as an unhelpful act, not just by the Blackpool supporters, but also for the club’s hard working manager Terry McPhillips, his coaching staff and the Blackpool FC players, who have done an excellent job in League One this season against the legal backdrop, and indeed would be received with great disappointment across the town.

“It is my understanding that such a penalty has previously only been considered in a situation where a club and its owners had benefitted unfairly from the way it has been run over the last few seasons. Could Pool's stayaway supporters make a return to Bloomfield Road?

“I would echo the comments made by Christine Seddon, the chair of the Supporters’ Trust, that this has not been the case at Blackpool, where arguably the very opposite has been the case.

“It is very different to other league clubs like Portsmouth who had points deducted from them because they went into administration as a result of overspending.

“Blackpool has a rich footballing pedigree with the iconic careers of players such as Stanley Matthews and Jimmy Armfield and that legacy roots the club in it’s our local communities.

“I urge you strongly, as the receivers get to work and there is much hope in the town for a brighter future at Bloomfield Road, not to handicap and add further to Blackpool FC’s burdens by deducting points in the formula suggested.

“Points deducted at this time could potentially jeopardize the club’s League One status, which Terry McPhillips and his players have worked so hard to maintain.”

I just can't believe the EFL have casually they will discuss it at their next meeting on the 6th. Surely they need to pull their finger out and discuss it right away. It's not fair on the manager or players. 
I reckon most likely outcome is a token deduction, 3 to 6 points.

Could be some legs in that:

- Enough to 'punish' us so they are seen to be enforcing their rules

- Not enough to relegate us so they know there will be no backlash.

Any point deduction statement should start with “ Because we fucked up and didn’t follow our own rules “ 

Accrington Stanley's chairman view on the points deduction...