Patriots owner Robert Kraft arrested in Florida in a massage parlour sting operation along with 19 other 'johns'.  Police spokesman states that all 20 have been caught on video tape paying for and having sex with the massage workers.

I bet he walks free. He's very fucking rich.

So what’s his crime?

Orchids of Asia 


Qblock2019 wrote:So what’s his crime?

Good question. It's very unusual to prosecute the guys getting the service. These sting operations happen a lot and they close the business and charge the owner for running an illegal brothel. In this case they believe they have a case for soliciting prostitution. Asking the attendant to sell sex. 

I went to a couple of these places in LA in the 80's with a guy I was working for.  Heavily made up and perfumed Asian women. You paid for a 45 minute massage and after 15 minutes of a weak rubdown they removed the modesty towel, rubbed your inner thighs and asked if there is anything else you would like them to do. 

Wasn't there a couple of places on Cookson St running  similar operations?

This is making news because there is undercover video of a high-profile billionaire friend of Trump caught in the act.