Just dropped wife and her family off at Preston Station. Can't see Chelsea causing an upset. I reckon winning the final is the only thing that can save the Chelsea's manager job. 
Have City even sold there allocation?
Dunno...I would have thought so
City could put their reserves out and still beat this Chelsea team of late. 
Chelsea manager needs to start playing people in the right positions. Just hope Chelsea give a City a game. 
seasider wrote:Dunno...I would have thought so
Apparently they didn't.
81,000 so empty seats somewhere 
It’s a same two small clubs have reached a he final.
What a shite day of football.
Can't believe that keeper didn't come off. The manager should have gone on the pitch and dragged him off.
What a farce, Chelsea manager tries to sub a player and he refuses to come off.
tangerine77 wrote:What a farce, Chelsea manager tries to sub a player and he refuses to come off.

Should have just told the ref he's made the sub and then let the officials deal with it.

If he refuses to come off, ultimately he gets a red card.

Feel sorry for the Chelsea manager. 

Willy would have been better in the shoot out. 

That keeper needs a slap.
I've never seen anything like it. 
Joke of a club. Always have been. As many titles as Sunderland. And a proper bunch of right wing cunts for fans
The captain should have escorted him off the pitch.
tangerine77 wrote:The captain should have escorted him off the pitch.

Agree the press will have a go at the manager but the player and captain should be targeted as well. 

I wanted Chelsea to win that shoot out; just for the manager. 


Sari now saying it was a mistake... fuck me what a shambles

The Chelsea fans are saying the keeper should never play for them again. 

To play devils advocate, do you think the keeper assumed he was being subbed because of his cramp and not for tactical reasons. If so, you can half understand Kepa insisting he was ok. Not saying it was right, just trying to get into the mindset of the keeper.