MPs want to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21. Wouldn't have been popular when I was younger but all for it now. Anything that makes it harder for kids to smoke can only be a good thing. 
me too, so many people regret having started, and giving up is harder than starting!
Who smokes anymore? All the kids seem to vape, is it also 21 to buy liquid?

Could make it 80 for all I’m bothered. 

As 77 said, kids vape now. 

It's 21 over here to buy cigarettes now. Used to be 18. But now in line with alcohol.

Hasn't stopped the kids from smoking though.

It will never stop kids but makes it easier for shops to refuse teenagers. The harder they make it for kids, the better.

I wish it was like that when I was young. I smoked from 16 all the way to early 30's. Now I just vape which isn't great but hard to pack in after smoking.
How will 16 year olds look cool now?
Magic147 wrote:How will 16 year olds look cool now?
You never see any of the little cunts anyway, they’re hermits.