Used to love a bit of Prodigy in my youth! Very young RIP


That's mental.

At least we'll be hearing more Prodigy over the next couple of weeks.

As an aside - who writes these fucking tabloid articles these days? The amount of errors in that article is disgusting. Do journalists not require some sort of English Language qualification now?
I'd guess cremation. certainly rocked the world for a moment.

RIP Keith

Keith Flint dead: Prodigy legend dies in shock suicide aged 49 - Mirror

No more fire starting

That’s sad news.  RIP. I remember as a 10 year old kid, my brother made me tapes of The Prodigy Experience and Music for the Jilted Generation, which I listened to constantly... 

Great album

Just read this posted, it's true and a good legacy to have, better than the massive hit or critically acclaimed albums.

The Prodigy acted as a bridge for many people, from pop to electronic music, rock to dance, festivals to raves. We all heard Firestarter the first time and thought, "What the hell was that?"

Terrible news

R.I.P Keith 😢

Luke Perry has also passed away.

Wasn't sure that Luke Perry would be known in the UK. Shocker at 52.

Everyone knows who Luke Perry is, don't they?

Wasn't sure although most celebs are global these days...

People raving at his funeral today.