Thought best creating a separate thread as nothing to do with the Big Bertha flag.

Size: 12 x 6 ft. 

Price = £160 (don't know about delivery at this stage)



Never done this before but my PayPal link is:

I know Whits said he will pay for it all but I am sure others will feel that sharing the cost is fairer. I will keep you posted so we don't go over the amount required as don't want to end up with surplas cash.

Look I am more than happy to pay for it in total, having followed the club for seventy years it is in a way giving something back for the quite amazing journey.

I will donate the £160 pounds if there is any over then it can go to Garry or the local hospice.

Seasider just tried the paypal link but an error came up and directed me to the home page.

I knew that would happen - never done this paypal thing before! Will take a look

Needed the https in the link so updated it.

Thank you Whits - it's extremely kind of you to offer this.

Try it now Whits, he’s an idiot. 

And thanks for the generous offer 👍

Whits! Top man . Very generous of you. I hope one day we can all get in a picture with you and it 👍
Tried it everything ok with my details but then it wanted an email adress or mobile number to send to
You’ll probably need to sign up for a PayPal account then confirm when they send you an email
Nice one Whits👍
Yes I am signed up will check email
All done should have gone through.

Yes received it. So generous. Can't thank you enough. This will basically be your flag!

Will order it tomorrow. Removing link so no one else donates.

Brilliant Whits - thank you!

Cheers for this Seasider 👍

No,  it is not my flag it is BHS''s and  Seassider   you can be the custodian. 

 It has been enjoyable even though at times we have a difference of opinion  and with the new beginning for the club in terms of ownership I feel  it is time to give a little, hence the flag.

I have had the privilege to have seen our greatest players, our golden era and the drop to the old third division after the last match of the season at Brighton and of course that chairman of ours Cartmell.

I would find the drive  to Blackpool even with an overnight stop quite an effort  just  now , the drive up to  Charlton a few weeks back was enough, however I will get there eventually.

If all fails I have a Gillinham supporting friend who would share the drive up last match of the season so all is not lost.

Top man Whits. 

Thank you. 👍

Wow that's so kind of you Whits  flag looks brilliant cant wait to see it 
Massive thanks for such a generous gesture Whits. 
Just ordered it!

Look at this flag - not sure who did it!

That is brilliant!

It's a good way to unite the fan base 😀

seasider wrote:

It's a good way to unite the fan base 😀

Fuck em.
Love that flag 🤣
Great gesture Tony hopefully one day we will all stand behind it outside Bloomers 
Without being patronising, when it comes to BHS end-of-season awards, would like to nominate Whits for forum Honorory Life Presidency.

Without doubt. Don't know how to thank him enough!

Haven't got a clue where I will be able to put it! The idea though is that can be shared across forum members so no one has exclusive rights to it. 

Quick update - after a bit of back and forth with the company, it's finally being printed. Will be dispatched in two days.
Missed the delivery yesterday. Hopefully can pick it up today and upload a pic. 
Well done Tony. Fantastic gesture