Will they decide on a point deduction or wait and do it at the end of the season? 
If they can put it off then they will.
I cant see them giving a 12 point deduction and if they do I think we have enough juice in the tank to get across the line come end of season.

When is the deadline to issue the deduction this season? March 26th?

You would think they will want to announce it soon as it's not on us and the teams in the relegation battle. 

They won't deduct us points.


If they do deduct points (As we all know) there is a very strong case for an appeal !:)
I presume we get the deduction and appeal, the deduction won't happen until next year as it will go past the March 26th deadline? I ain't got a clue.
What times the meeting?
Should have happened already. Not sure if they have reached a verdict and when they will announce the decision.
Surely the appeal will put any points deduction on hold?
You would rather get it out of the way and fight relegation than start next season with -12.

Cop out

Check out these non statements on all four clubs involved.

Absolute cowards
Pardon my ignorance,  but does this mean any decision regarding points deduction will be implemented next season, as it won't be made before March 20th? 
They could announce anytime before then.