He won't be seeing any football for a while.
Wasn't that good a punch!
What a wanker. Ran all that way and completely missed with his punch. Who attacks someone from behind? Total coward who will be getting attacked from behind every time he goes for a shower when he gets sent down.

Grealish has now scored and apparently a steward was arrested for pushing him  

He deserved that for the way he wears his socks alone.

Never mind his quiff.

Now it's easy for a bald man to say get a haircut but he needs one! That undercut is shite. 

Shit punch though wasn't it .. probably wasn't even worth getting banned and arrested for ..like hibs v rangers game a hibs fan went to push and punch james tavernier and literally missed 

He is a Dad of one. What a role model for his kid.

There was a steward arrested too. Apparently punched and kicked Grealish as he celebrated scoring. 


Always get one cunt don't you 

How can people live with themselves writing stuff like that. Sad world.

"My client's young family have had to leave their home address to move to outside of Birmingham through fear that they would suffer serious harm or even death."

He has a two year old daughter and his partner is expecting second child. Unbelievable.

He's just been sentenced to 14 weeks prison and 100 pound combo to grealish and a ten year football ground ban

That was done quickly .. absolutely pointless in the end wasnt it 


14 weeks??? Fucking hell thats harsh.
Hero wrote:14 weeks??? Fucking hell thats harsh.
Would you be of that opinion if it was a family member that was sucker punched from behind?  Cowardly behaviour. 
Hero wrote:14 weeks??? Fucking hell thats harsh.

You get longer for not having a tv license. 

That’s soft really. 

Anything less and it would encourage more fans to do the same thing. Let's hope his partners due date isn't within 14 weeks!

It's assault so you can get anything up to 6 months.

Cantona only got 14 days for his kick on the Palace fan.
Dunno, there is something worse about punching a player from behind. I have no doubt a player would get preferrential treatment over a fan but this guy had to be made an example of. Think 14 weeks is about right.

I know you won’t believe it but I’ve been punch in the face a few times. I don’t think any of those twats got time.

Grealish is a snitch.

From behind?
The ten year stadium ban would get to me more.. I've gone 5 Years without going to bloomers and it hurt imagine being banned for ten from football grounds