Does anyone else get teary eyed watching it or is it just me?

It's Brill innit.
My favourite what makes it more special there's girls, boys, elderly, young all singing dancing smiling and having a good time that's what footballs all about 
Think I've watched it about five times now. 

Showed my missus it all she said was 

"Aww look at that bear so cute" 

She's nearly 30 FFS!

Honestly, I think I've watched it 50 times since yesterday we are absolutely incredible. I just want to relive Saturday over and over and over. The whole day from start to the very last second of 6 minutes of extra time was mind blowing. I've seen loads of videos of fans singing but I don't think I've ever seen one where the whole stadium is bouncing like it was at Bloomfield in that video. 

If we had have managed to get a lead I think it would have gone up a level that second half

This video from the same fella is good too, showing the fans in full voice.

Wonder if oo is thinking "I really screwed this up". 

Nah. Beyond his capability, eyes saw ££££££££££.