Vlog of last night would like to get some BHS posters on the next one

Thanks Lee. Can't get link working. Either just paste the link or double check the hyperlink in the editor. 
Fixed thanks seasider

Fucking scabs!

Shit. Forgot we were back for a second.

Never mind, carry on.

Can see your disappointment at the end with a draw even though trying to be positive! That's a good sign though as shows getting interested again in the football side of things. 

I know I wasn't sure how I would feel but I truly am waking up every morning with Blackpool FC on my mind, it's great to be back.

Funnily enough the walking out bit is my favourite part because its just me back going to football with my mates, I've missed it so bad. I was a bit sick coming out because it truly was the only thing Doncaster did all 2nd half (great goal have to admit) and I thought we should have won but, it was fantastic how Besty didn't let me wallow, that's what friends are for 😊