Did he ever get any pitch time with us ?!

One appearance apparently.
Weird one. It was either Terry Mac showing faith with our own players or he wasn't good enough.

Looks like Newcastle were annoyed he wasn't getting game time so recalled him.

I wish they did it earlier then we wouldn't have to listen to them moaning about how he wasn't playing.
Why do premier League teams assume just because he plays for a bigger club he's going to be a automatic starter .. if he isn't good enough or impressing he isn't going to be picked .. frustrating as it may be 
What a surprise. We don’t give him time on the pitch, our forwards aren’t exactly setting the world on fire and he is recalled. All we get from Terry is he will have to wait his turn. What’s the betting we have injuries to Armand and Long and are struggling for forwards. He will be on loan with one of the other clubs in our league soon scoring the winning goal!!!
Weirdest loan ever
I reckon there’s more to it.  Either not good enough or wasn’t getting on well with the others behind the scenes.  McPhillips is no mug, he knows when a player is working hard on our bomb site at squires gate and deserves a start.  Just my opinion. 
The lad probably just didn’t fancy it. If you’re being honest would you?
Maybe attitude? A future star according to everyone at Newcastle. We need a goalscorer so makes little sense.
tangerine77 wrote:Maybe attitude? A future star according to everyone at Newcastle. We need a goalscorer so makes little sense.

This. People forget how important the day to day stuff behind the scenes are. Plenty of these academy developed lads come down the leagues losing it over experienced pros. Many of them are on more money than the established players and they don't apply themselves the way they should.

Simple fact is that we don't know. I trust McPhillips enough to defer to his judgement. The man has plenty of experience with young players.

Yes, good post. 👍


“It’s his first loan but down at Squires Gate we picked the other lads ahead of him because it’s simple, they’ve done better than him - in my opinion.

“I’m not saying he did badly in training, he just didn’t do enough."

He can’t have been very good if Terry thinks those in front of him (who can’t put the ball in the net) are better. Can’t really understand why he wasn’t given at least one game in the time he has been with us. Terry likes to ring the changes in most games rather than a settled team so why did Sorenson not figure?
Newcastle also recalled loan players from Crewe & Colchester as well

Maybe these young players are over hyped. I wouldn't be surprised at a club like Newcastle. Longstaff might be an exception.

PS. Are you Spudgun on the avftt break away site by any chance?