I'm not on twitter but I trust the council leader has forwarded his congratulations to BST. 

 After all, as the council leader, surely you cannot turn a blind eye to this local success story that has unfolded.  

Especially when the nationwide media has continuously exposed the O's and congratulated BST & the sellout 15,500 home fans for their long-lasting, successful campaign 

 So, what were his comments please?
Can't see anything on Twitter
He's an Oyston arse licking prick.

He’s defended the Oystains every time. When Andy Higgins stood before the council and explained everything. SB just said they took you to the prem, stop complaining. 

I’m sure SB is a caring councillor to his ward, but trying to jump on the train now is taking the piss! 

The other MPs were quite supportive I believe - it was just Blackburn.

Come on Bally?

🎣 fish