The deal to buy and save them seems to have collapsed. 

Hope they sort something, rivalry aside football should just be about the football.
Magic147 wrote:Hope they sort something, rivalry aside football should just be about the football.

Falling through the divisions would be pleasant to witness though.

Stockport County style.

Be good playing them next season. It's quite good seeing them fucked but wouldn't want them get wound up. 

😂Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Feck em!

Yeah, fuck them 🙌🏻


I didn't actually see much support from their fans for our cause but I'm sure it was there.

Magic147 wrote:


I didn't actually see much support from their fans for our cause but I'm sure it was there.

I only met a couple who laughed at our plight. But I can still remember tha wanky fan who punched me when I was 12. So I’m in the fuckem camp. 

Been given two weeks to pay the debt.

Good news for Bolton fans

Fingers crossed it’s the Oystons.
Piss myself if Owens bought the club for a £1
tangerine77 wrote:Piss myself if Owens bought the club for a £1

He’d fail on the fit and proper. 

Natalie on the other hand, or Karl! 🤣🤣

Fred Dibnah will be turning in his grave.
Why does Nobberd and you lots hate Bolton again?
A Bolton fan murdered a Blackpool fan at a game. 
Fuck me, even the Gazette is more up to date than you.

Players are on a 48 hour strike over unpaid wages for staff and players jn March.

seasider wrote:

Players are on a 48 hour strike over unpaid wages for staff and players jn March.

Will the league deduct them points?
No and their decline is a result of over spending I think. Would seem unfair if we were to get a deduction and Bolton are allowed to carry on regardless.

Players are threatening a boycott

Bolton Wanderers players refuse to play final two games over unpaid wages -

Oyston would have just had his relatives start the match.

Oyston should consider Bolton. Then again, not sure I'd wish that on even Bolton.

Bury are fucked as well. Need to find 1.8m by end of May and their projected income is 120k.

Bolton  v Brentford called off!
Presume Brentford will just get the three points?

Ha Ha Ha

 lovin it lovin it lovin it

Feck Em!

The EFL are bending over backwards rather than do what they’ve done to other teams. 

Bolton Wanderers have been told that they must complete their two remaining Championship fixtures this season by the English Football League Board.

The EFL called off Saturday's match with Brentford after Bolton's players said they would not play until they received outstanding wages.

Bolton have been told to rearrange that game "at the earliest opportunity".

An EFL statement said the "ownership difficulties" at the relegated club "remain a significant concern".

Former Watford owner Laurence Bassini has agreed a deal to take over the club from Ken Anderson, which remains subject to EFL approval.

When it was announced on 17 April, Bolton said "significant funds" would be made available to pay outstanding wages and a number of long-term creditors.

However, a club statement on Saturday said Anderson is receiving "independent advice from his professional advisors" regarding the takeover, with claims that Bassini had promised to "arrange payment for players and coaching staff" and had "failed to make the funds available".

Before the Brentford postponement, Bassini told Sky Sports News that he would pay the players and had transferred £1m to settle the bill so that the game could go ahead, but he "did not have control" to pay them and he was still awaiting a share certificate from Anderson.

The EFL statement added: "We will look to work with both parties over the next week to bring all outstanding matters to a speedy conclusion.

"It should be recognised that the resolution is not in our hands but we will assist where possible, with the long-term interests of Bolton Wanderers and its supporters our priority."

Wanderers' players and members of the coaching staff are still awaiting wage payments for March and this month's salaries are due on Tuesday.

On Friday, the first-team squad issued a joint statement saying the financial situation was "creating mental, emotional and financial burdens for people through no fault of their own".

They added that it was "placing great strain on ourselves and our families".

The players also apologised to supporters for what "may be seen as drastic action" but stressed the decision had "not been taken lightly" and that they had taken the stance "with deep regret".

In their statement on Saturday morning, the EFL said it was "satisfied that a team can be selected from the players they have registered and available to them" for their remaining two league fixtures, even if first-team players do not make themselves available for selection.

The EFL would have forced Bolton to play Saturday's fixture had their under-18 team not been involved in a match on Thursday, bringing concerns about "potential player welfare issues".

The EFL statement read: "This same issue will not reoccur as the club is able to plan the players' preparation and recovery time accordingly."

Bolton, whose final game of the season is away at Nottingham Forest on Sunday, 5 May, have been charged with misconduct and will be referred to an independent disciplinary commission as a result of the Brentford fixture being postponed.

From BBC sport.