Serves you right!


I was tempted during that second half. Was awful. Bola's goal gave us something to play for out of nowhere. 
Quite a few got up and left after the Plymouth second goal. How many times have we got an injury time equiliser ? 
I had to wait for flag so no choice but to stay. Glad I did!
I'm a bad boy
Good old Magic, as soon as he disappeared so did Plymouths lead.
Hero wrote:Good old Magic, as soon as he disappeared so did Plymouths lead.
 Fucking livid when I got home. 
Magic147 wrote:

 Fucking livid when I got home. 

I wasnt there yesterday but I never leave early, I may come down from the stand a minute early but always see the game out. 
First time ever, and the last. 

For my sins I can't remember the last time I stayed till the end. 

Think it was Cardiff, twice. 

Riga's first home win and Wembley. 

Having said that,  it's been a while since I've seen them at all,  prior to the "homecoming".

Morecambe away, I seem to recall.

Last time I left early that I can remember during a home match was Cardiff at home but that was deliberate as we staged a walk out on 53 minutes! During that season left early quite a few times.

Maybe left early Morecambe away as well to beat the traffic.
I dont get this go early to beat the traffic . Its not like its Old Trafford or Anfield. 
Morecambe away was pretty bad when they didn't have that bypass