If you'd have told me 4 weeks ago when I went to volunteer to clean seats for the homecoming that I would be sat in Rowley's making this video with Tim I would have said you were crackers!

Tim you were amazing so thank you for doing this๐Ÿ˜€

I hope every Blackpool fan watches this with as much interest as I had sat there making it. Its 30 minutes so its long but I thought you might as well hear all of what we chatted about.

I really hope you guys watch it all the way through as its just so interesting to hear what Tim has to say.

Tim has been so instrumental in this long hard fought campaign, keeping us up to date with proceedings on here and anyone who has met him will know what a wonderful man this guy is.

We know his family went through hell with the horrible Oystons and I do truly wish there had been something in the settlement to pay Tim back and extra to compensate for the stress the whole thing must have been on them.

And Valeri if you are watching? when you've been compensated fully don't forget what Tim did and went through.

anyhow the link is below, click and Enjoy

Thanks Lee, just one point is there anyway you could add on-screen subtitles for those with hearing disabilities.
That was brilliant. Tim and everyone involved should be so proud in what they have achieved. Keep these coming Lee your passion for the club is great 

Whitstable I think there might be a subtitle option?

I'll check when I get home

With my typing speed the thought of doing a transcript a la Basilrobbie style? is probably a bit too much

Is the sound bad? I thought this was the best so far.

I'll see what I can do

Thanks ger posts like that make it feel worth doing them. I'm so glad when people enjoy them it's really great fun doing them.

I know I make mistakes 

I really wasnt expecting to be doing this crazy stuff tbh

Finally got round to watching it -interesting to hear some of the comments such as getting in a pitch consultant and a new scoreboard. Sounds like the placement of the away fans continues to be a talking point and no answers as of yet.
For me the answer is get some caterers in the North East corner and what they pay should cover the cost of some portacabin loos for now
I agree but as an away fan, you shouldn't be queuing for a piss in a portaloo. People will say why give a shit about away fans but the club will as it's their reputation at stake.
Iโ€™ll get a good nights sleep tonight thanks ๐Ÿ‘
Totally agree seasider but as a temporary solution for the remaining few games there are some really excellent ones. Maybe in the summer a more semi permanent toilet facility could be built in that corner maybe?

I think there would be more chance of the training ground getting built ;)

Food for thought though. Let's hope the new owners are pro-active and will look for solutions rather seeing everything as a cost as per Oyston.
I do truly hope so seasider

Just watched videos,that great to hear proactive talk for fans.