Chinese first , followed by Indian then fish and chips then pizza. 

But how the fuck is a bagel a takeaway? Finishing in 11th place. 

Coincidence had a bagel this morning for breakfast. 

I would say that's similar to us..

1. Chinese 

2. Indian

3. Pizza

4. Burger and Chips

5. Fish and Chips 

I prefer an Indian to a Chinese. 

1- Indian 

2- Chinese 

3- Fish and chips. 

4- Pizza. 

5- Kebab. 


150- bagel. 

I don't get the love in with pizza. I have one occasionally, but wouldn't go out of my way to have one.


Fish & chips




Pizza would be marginally above the bagel
I think I’ve logged into avftt by mistake 😮

What a load of shit.

Everyone knows pizza is best.

Pussy pie for me all day long. 

Even better when I come home at dinner time & get it. 🤣🤣