Do you think we will get another 8k figure? There was still something to play for against Plymouth so that is the worry now.

I believe there is still something to play for, Doncaster look a tad nervy and can still slip up.

This match against Peterborough is a BIG one for Blackpool,  win this and the remaining two home games are doable even on our pitch and a couple of draws at Scunny and Barnsley are not impossible.

So three points against Peterboroug,  a  big match in my book , then two home wins and two draws away from home, Donny slip up and providing Coventry do not go on a blinding run we might just make it.

Attendance well any ones guess 8,000 

Has anything been mentioned on the number of tickets sold?

I have tickets for all the remaining fixtures.

But then again, I wasn't talking out of my fucking arse these last few years when discussing NAPM.

Going to try n make the Cods game. I am still wallowing in the pool of joy having seen the back of the parasites.
People has got used to not going, its that fucking simple.

It's completely empty in the North West corner including Block D of the North. Looks lower than the Plymouth game. Might be less away fans as well as not sure Peterborough travel in great numbers.

Can see this being 7k at best.
Any figure been mentioned today?
tangerine77 wrote:People has got used to not going, its that fucking simple.

Plus there's nothing to play for (Doncaster aren't going to slip up )

7k would be a good attendance 

Not got my tickets yet. Going to queue up before match. I presume it's still 22 quid and there isn't a price hike?
Thinking of coming over in the Cortina.

Didn't know Peterborough are in the South of the East Stand..

Away from the smoke bombs presumably 
I am in the North this week
Reckon 6.5k
seasider wrote:Reckon 6.5k
Worrying if correct. The club need to do something quick to get the fans back in.

It was very flat yesterday. That is the problem with the away fans in the East as too many empty seats in the main stand. Novelty certainly has worn off for a lot. 

Performances at home are not helping mind. 

I was in the North yesterday,considering the tripe served up I thought the fans tried hard to get the team going. It's a two way thing,it would be nice for the players to gI've the fans cause to  get behind them now and again.For long periods yesterday there was nothing to shout about.
Same here. Lots of people trying but large areas of empty seats didn't help. Most importantly the team gave the fans nothing to shout about. 

I enjoyed the day really, crap game but yesterday was the first game where I sort of stood back and just felt glad we were back to football. Terrible, terrible football, but football nonetheless.

There were some angry people near me. They could have done with listening to you. 

The challenge is that these results are not selling it for people in terms of getting season tickets next season. 

I think more will hold off buying season tickets until a new owner comes in, rather than the state of team/pitch .