Surprised! But very pleased. 

The right decision. 👍

Great news.

The EFL are great.

Full statement. Other clubs mentioned as well which is interesting.

BFC Statement

The Board of Blackpool Football Club is delighted the English Football League has confirmed there will be no points deduction following the appointment of Court Appointed Receivers on February 13 2019.

Joint Receivers, Paul Cooper and David Rubin, in conjunction with the Board have been in close contact with the EFL and have provided information and documentation which allowed the EFL to reach its decision.

Paul Cooper said: “This is excellent news for everybody connected with the Club and especially its supporters. I am delighted for Terry McPhillips and the players because they now know exactly where they stand for the remainder of this campaign and next season.

“It also allows the sale process to continue with a greater degree of clarity and certainty over the club’s position following the EFL’s ruling.”

The EFL Board today considered the outstanding submissions made by Blackpool FC following the appointment of the Receivers, by the High Court in February 2019.

The information received from both the Club and the Receivers has allowed the Board to make a final determination on whether the Club is to be regarded as being subject to an Insolvency Event as detailed in Regulation 12.3.

Based on the evidence presented and the judgment of the Court, the Board agreed that the appointment of the Receiver is not material to the Club’s ability to fulfil its obligations as a Member Club and as a result should not be regarded as having suffered an Insolvency Event, meaning a 12 point deduction is not applicable.

The decision taken was based on the information presented and the EFL Board has reserved the right to review the matter should the position subsequently change in the future. 

As I read it. 

The last paragraph sort of says that when a new owner comes in , they could still implement the deduction . 

I just read that as covering their asses. End of matter for me.
After the years of Oyston frugality and running down the club to nearly nothing, those bastards at the EFL should be giving us a points addition. After all they are at fault for recognizing him to be a fit and proper person to run a football club. They know now that was never the case.
In other news, all computers are expected to shut down at 23:59 on 31st December 1999, bringing the entire world economy to a standstill and causing mass chaos such as the reduction in the size of chocolate bars.
Space 1999 - following on from Magic's post.

Finally the ELF do the right thing regarding Blackpool FC.