Hi guys

For those of you that remember (or even those that dont) here is my latest Coffee at Rowley's chat with none other than Tony Green

Many still say the best player to ever put a tangerine shirt on.

My dads favourite player of the 1970s 

Thanks Lee. Will watch it later. One of my Dad's favourite players.
My favourite player of all time. Brilliant skills both dribbling and scoring. Well remember him when we beat West Ham in the Cup. Career cut short by injury although he had moved to Newcastle by then. 
What a lovely interview. He is one of my favourite players from my youth. I do remember in our season in the old Div one against Derby Co, now correct me those out there,  at home he broke into the box, shot beat the Derby keeper (Les Green?) and shot hit the post and rolled back to the keeper on the line. Then I knew we were going down.