- 1-1 - Godden. 345 Posh

- Blackpool 1 Posh 1 8293  

- I think Blackpool are due a points deduction?. This Thursday I think. That'll knock the stuffing out of them on Saturday. A Posh win on that awful pitch. 0-2.

- 2-0 defeat. Season over.

- Really up for this one - big game and, if we win, I can see us making the play-offs. The pitch is a mess so our lack of passing ability will be to our advantage and Maddison will carry us over the line (once again) for a 2-0 victory...

- I enjoy Blackpool but rarely inside the stadium as we are usually shite. Going, a scrappy 1-0 to us would make the journey back far more enjoyable although usually drowning the sorrows we often suffer up there takes place a day or two either side of match day.

- win 2-0

- Think we'll win this one by the odd goal.

- Even though it may hurt us nor should they have been punished when it was the FL who allowed the club to get fucked up the arse by a tosspot

- Not exactly fair on clubs in the past who suffered big points deductions in the same circumstances but then this is the FA for you. Hopefully Posh will take 3 points off them at least.

- Shit pitch, we are due some good luck there after recent seasons where we have either had key players injured (elder) or when we lost 1-0 or drew 1-1 when the Blackpool goal was a handball etc.

- As this is a must win game (for both sides) I'm going for a close game with Posh winning with a last minute penalty

Fair comments from the posh lot seem a genuine set of fans other than employing that fat waster Steve Evans as manager few seasons back 

They've gone back to Darren Ferguson now for the 100th time.


- Oh but it was, only one team wanted to win the other team was wearing their sun tan lotion ready for an extended holiday on the beach, it takes two to tango and sadly only one team turned up. I was more than happy with the result but as a spectacle it was dire.

- We played the better football, they pressed late on and we defended very well across the whole back 4.

- Good win that....ugly as hell but we were the better team.

- Pitch awful but we tried to play some good stuff and succeeded to a degree.

- I thought we were better then them all over the park. Had several good chances and should have scored several more. Can’t remember Chapman really being threatened.