By that wanker T77 no doubt 😁Ban the 6 fingered freak😯
You really need some security on that Acorn computer of yours.
I thought he just sent a telegram to Seasider for his posts?
Have a word Seasider. A bans in order I think
Q.... have tranmere not got copy rights on their crest???

Me? You cheeky cunt.

Q Block, are you ok resetting your password? Can guide you on here if not sure. Basically click on your profile and there is a link to reset your password.

Instead of asking Qblock2019 to change his password why don't you just ban the user Qblock2O19 (capital O instead of zero)?

Bloody hell, good spot Spiel. Can't believe missed that.

User now banned. Apologies the real Q!

Bally wrote:Strewth
You seriously didn't spot that? I thought it was funnier to let qblock think he had been hacked than tell him.

I thought you and Q were just mates fucking about under the same username. I only took it seriously when Q threatened to stop posting. I do apologise to Q for this. 

Why didn't I just check post history. The hacked thing confused me as well so didn't check for duplicates 😄

Has Q Block posted since? Duplicate has been deleted in case you haven't seen this!
Spoken to him on Facebook the other day. I know he’s back involved with cricket again at moment.
The biggest joker can't take a joke.
tangerine77 wrote:The biggest joker can't take a joke.
That’s always the case mate.
Come on Q! Genuine mistake - I thought you and T77 were in it together. Would be good to have you back. 
He’s umpiring this time of year, probably won’t be back until the end of the cricket season.