ebf3abb4943fcfa6c1d43c8405627ccf.jpegThe 1st of September is the due date. 

If it arrives on time it will be 5 when starting school, the oldest kid in the year. A day early & it will be the youngest in the year.  

Karen has been late 4/4 times so far, I hope this little one doesn’t buck the trend.

We’re so excited, Can’t wait.

Yes we found out but she wants to do that Yank style gender reveal thingy this time & I can’t say it’s just any excuse for a piss up. 😂😂

Congrats again mate, I reckon that's a boy.

Thanks Pete. 

Think that’s an arm in the background though, even my boys wouldn’t be that big.   🤣🤣🤣

Congrats again Lee. We found out the sex of our granddaughter at a gender reveal party. Was a brilliant afternoon. 
I don’t want to worry you but the baby looks black to me😮
Congrats. Definite boy. 
Congrats to you both again mate. I couldn’t think of anything worse than having a new born baby in the house Poor Karen 😂
All the very best to both of you on your new arrival.

Thanks all. 👍👍

good luck and congrats :)
Are you getting any cravings?

Ha Ha,

Yeah, I cant stop eating. 🤣🤣🤣

Oh, & shagging.