I am not sure exactly what time we left Blackpool, I had been sent  to bed rather early to get some sleep before the long and tiring journey south to London,.

Having been so disappointed  two years earlier when my my old man said we would win the cup only to lose to Newcastle and having lost to Man U,  a match I listened to on the radio a few years before the Newcastle game, this surely had  to be our time.

We arrived a few hours after sunrise at a transport cafe outside of North WEST London, i can remember  all those British road services lorries, parked on the cinder area, the cafe perched on a hillock further back and the lorries with the names of the towns and cities on the side rail so you knew where they  had come from followed by a bacon sandwich with thick one inch slices of bread and a mug of tea.

After dad had a nap for an hour we were on our way arriving at Wembley around noon, the rain had stopped, the sun came out the band played, the singing went on for what seemed like hours and stadium began to fill up with mostly non supporting Blackpool and Bolton wanderers fans.

As for the match well you know how it went, I feel very privileged to have been there that day and to see that Mortensen hat-trick.

A memory that most of us could only ever dream of. 

That was Blackpool f c -  Everest moment, a fish and chip super then the long drive back home.
Brilliant Whits. Days like this stay with us forever.You have seen something none of us will probably never witness. I bet it seems like the other day.
No Q,  it feels like a long time ago,  it was another era,  even   Wembley 2010 and that was in recent times seems an age.

Wonderful account Whits. 

I was not around and will have long gone the next time the trophy is bedecked with tangerine 

Was it as good as the street parties after world war 1 whits?


Brilliant recap though - I can only dream